Transformers 7 Will Begin Filming Soon

Production for the mysterious seventh live-action Transformers film is apparently ramping up, and principal photography is soon to begin. Here is what we know so far.

The Journal de Montreal has learned that principal photography is planned to take place in MELS Studios in Montreal, beginning as soon as early July. Shooting is planned to last eleven weeks, ending in late September, before moving to Peru for a second shoot in MTL Grandé. The Journal has not obtained details on how long the Peru shoot is planned to last.
Plans for the Montreal shoot have reportedly been in the works since late 2019, and the pandemic has undoubtedly delayed but apparently not ended those plans. The Journal also reports a surprising $200 million budget, which would be somewhere between Dark of the Moon and The Last Knight. Whether this indicates a higher budget Bumblebee or a true return to the style of the Michael Bay era films remains to be seen. Watch this space.
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