Figure King #278 scans, featuring Unicron, MP Skids and Reboost, WFC Kingdom Rodimus Prime, and more!

Loopaza Mega Store comes through again with the usual great scans of the latest Figure King issue, offering better images than the earlier reveals. This month we get a good look at Masterpiece Skids and new Skids retool Reboost, WFC: Kingdom Rodimus Prime, HasLab WFC Unicron, a Prime1 Studio AOE Grimlock statue, and Japanese releases for Collaborative series Maverick and Studio Series ROTF Bumblebee with Sam!

Gotta love the photography that goes into these publications. How does this sharpen your interest in the upcoming Commander class figure, or the first-ever HasLab Transformer, or the long-awaited Masterpiece for Skids and his Diaclone-colored pal? Drop us a line at the Allspark Facebook Page, on the Allspark Forums, or on our Discord server!