Figure King No. 269 Scans: ER-10 Scorponok, Earthrise, Netflix’s War For Cybertron, Studio Series, Cyberverse & More

Issue #269 features some new images of ER-10 Scorponok, Earthrise, Netflix’s War For Cybertron, Studio Series, Cyberverse & More.

This month we have 6 pages of Transformers content with a special coverage of the ER-10 Scorponok:

  • ER-10 Titan Class Scorponok – Four pages dedicated to the latest Titan class figure. We have several images from different angles showing off all his modes, gimmicks and interaction with other Earthrise figures.
  • Transformes Earthrise – Some shots and stock images showing off posability, gimmicks and accessories.
  • Masterpiece MP-39+ Spinout – We have some extra shots of Scorponok’s wave partner: ER-09 Arcee. Both are part of Earthrise Wave 7 in Japan and expected for release in Novermber 21. Additionally, We have a new image of the next Earthrise Takara Tomy Mall exclusives for the Japanese market: ER EX-13 Trailbreaker.
  • Netflix’s War For Cybertron – Takara Tomy will also release the new Siege redecos for the Japanese market, now announcing Wave 3 WFC-05 Scrapface and WFC-06 Decepticon Hotlink. Both will be released in late November this year.
  • Transformers Studio Series Releases For November 2020 –This time we only have images of SS-EX Skipjack. He will only available as a Takara Tomy Mall exclusive in Japan, becoming the first Studio Series figure to be released this way.
  • Transformers Cyberverse Action Masters–While the name of this line may remind you of the non-transformable G1 Action Masters toys, it’s just the name chosen by Takara Tomy in order to release the Cyberverse Deluxe Build-A-Figure line in Japan. Wave 3 and 4 consist of Arcee and Thunderhowl respectively. They will be released as Takara Tomy Mall exclusives by November 2020.
  • Transformers The Last Knight Turbo Change Series – Takara Tomy will re-release some 1-step toys by July this year: TCM-01 Bumblebee, TCM-02 Optimus Prime, TCM-03 Megatron and TCM-04 Grimlock.

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