First Look At BotCon Lio Kaiser, Animated Prime, And Antagony Concept Toys!

Thanks to BotCon Staff for dropping by and dropping these pics of their previous concept toys! Read on for more details and pics!

Thanks to JGW for posting these pics on the Official Discord!

Before Hasbro found a way to release Lio Kaiser as a boxed set, they hinted that BotCon could use the tools. (Unfortunately they did not mention the new headsculpts and we declined because we couldn’t figure out a set without at least four new head tools. And BotCon usually only had the budget for three.) Before we declined though, I gave an attempt at a Deathsaurus color scheme. Some strong influence from the BotCon Deathsaurus, of course.



Here are the UnAnimated concepts. There was also a Sentinel from Roadbuster but… that wasn’t great.



And one more post today! Since we’re (sorta) talking Animated and the BotCon social media post today was about Antagony… here’s a refresher of the potential exclusive Animated Antagony and Inferno. The figures with the cartoon heads are my application of Derrick’s colorschemes to the figures. The other images were my mock-up before receiving Derrick’s direction (it was his idea from the start, but he was still sketching while I was doing the first digibashes).


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