Unmade Transformers Series: Transformers Super Cross

We have an incredible piece of news today. Via the official BotCon Discord channel, we have a never before seen full pitch for a Transformers series that never came to be, Transformers Super Cross! Read on for the full pitch including multiple concept designs for the series’ Optimus Prime!

Starting up the week following #ToyFair 2020, it looks like it’s #MultiverseMonday!
Fans familiar with #BotCon set themes and comic stories are aware that they have not been afraid to tread in the the big – sometimes complicated – topic of the Transformers Multiverse. That is, for new readers, the collection of all alternate universes from throughout the brand’s 36 years of storytelling. All the different iterations of Optimus Primes, Megatrons, Starscreams, Cheetors, Blackarachnias, and everyone else from Cybertron living and existing side by side, just a timeline away. BotCon went on to feature new universes, familiar universes, and even crossed universes from time to time.
News from this past weekend seem to indicate that the current Transformers stories and toys are about to make the same leap! From multiple universes colliding in the Transformers Cyberverse cartoon to a mysterious retailer listing for an “Alternate Universe Optimus Prime”!
But this isn’t the first time that Hasbro attempted to make a Multiverse story in a big way! Back in 2002, with work on Transformers Armada wrapping up and Energon yet to be drafted, the design team were contemplating the next escalation in storytelling after the defeat of Unicron. In a massive 4 season, 52-episode saga called “Super Cross” (or “Super-X” for short), Cybertronians would discover that their victory over the evil god of chaos was not as final as they had thought. And they would need the help of the All-Sparks – important Autobots, Decepticons, Maximals, and Predacons from across the Multiverse, to come together for one last stand. The outcome after this crisis? A single joint timeline with everyone’s favorite characters in one place and time!
Read the story below. And speaking of Alternate Universe Optimus Primes, check out some of the design explorations for Optimus Prime from this same era!

Huge thanks to JGW for sharing this piece of history. It sounds like this series split into Energon and Universe. Fascinating. Could this series have been better than what we ultimately got? These Optimus Prime designs sure seem cool.
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