SDCC 2019: The Transformers Panel!

It’s the 35th Anniversary of Transformers and Hasbro is rolling out the red carpet for the brand with this year’s San Diego Comic Con panel!
To kick things off, a video showing different incarnations of the Transformers brand throughout it’s history was played, including a clip showing a boy watching the original G1 cartoon as a kid and then spending time with his family as an adult in 2019. As you might expect, Hasbro’s intent with this panel is to celebrate the past, present, and future of the Transformers brand. After this, two people influential on some of the foundational elements of Transformers were inducted into the Transformers Hall of Fame: G1 Cartoon writer Flint Dille and Takara toy designer Takashi Kunihiro!
The panel’s segment on the present began with a discussion of Season 2 of Transformers Cyberverse: “Power of the Spark”! Here, a clip was shown, involving Cheetor telling Optimus Prime and Megatron to “claim their armor” while Starscream and Sky-Byte fight with Jetfire. This “armor” Cheetor speaks of is the Spark Armor which forms the basis of Cyberverse’s new linewide gimmick. Formed from ordinary Earth vehicles empowered by the Allspark, Autobots and Decepticons alike will be able to power up through these upgrades! A tentative premier date of Fall 2019 was given for the cartoon.
After a detour plugging the con exclusive Ghostbusters MP Optimus Prime and BotBots set, the presentation got into upcoming Siege toys, including the already announced Apeface, Crosshairs, Spinister, and Astrotrain. Also shown was the Refraktor 3 pack, which gives the Decepticon camera colors inspired by their classic toy rather than the retail toy’s cartoon colors. The Refraktor set also comes with an effect part of Kremzeek, the classic one-of cartoon baddie!
After this, new announcements started flying in! First off, an Amazon exclusive set of the 2019 fan vote characters Impactor and Mirage, the former with a distinct Decepticon color scheme and the latter cast in a transparent blue! In addition to the two fan vote characters, the set also includes a redeco of Cog as one of the Powerdashers! This set will supplement the already leaked Autobot Alphastrike Counterforce (G2 Sideswipe and Slamdance) and Decepticon Phantomstrike Squadron (Skywarp) box sets.
What’s more, all these toys mentioned above, plus the Walgreens exclusive War for Cybertron Ratchet, will all go up for preorder at 5:30 PM PST TONIGHT!
Now, onto the future. First off, the winner of the 2020 Fan Vote was announced, and the winner was…. RUNAMUCK! Beating out the popular pick Needlenose, plus the Sharkticon Gnaw and Insecticon Shrapnel, Runamuck will be a stowaway aboard the Ark, separated from his brother Runabout. Some mention was then made of the upcoming Transformers Galaxies anthology comic coming from IDW before we get to the real giant planet robot in the room… HasLab UNICRON!
Showing off various clips of Unicron from 1986’s Transformers The Movie, Flint Dille, who worked on the story for said movie, stated that he never thought a toy like this would ever be made. From there, a slideshow was presented showing the colossal Transformer at various stages of product development. Apparently it cost roughly 10,000 yen just for the initial concept work, so if you don’t want all those Hasbro and Takara engineers’ blood sweat and tears to go to waste, you better head over to Hasbro Pulse right now!
And with that the panel came to a close! Thank you to Ben Yee of Ben’s World of Transformers for livetweeting the panel!
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