First Look at the Two Remaining War for Cybertron: Siege Powerdashers!

Jet Type and Drill Type are already here!
After last week’s surprise San Diego Comic Con reveal of War for Cybertron: Siege Aragon (AKA Powerdasher F1 Type) as a part of the Fan Vote Battle 3 Pack, the 2019 Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong convention has another surprise for us: the remaining two Powerdashers!

In a video of Hasbro’s booth at ACG 2019 published by TOYSTV, we get an up close look at Cromar (Powerdasher Jet Type) and Zetar (Powerdasher Drill Type)! In keeping in with Aragon being a remold of Siege Cog, Cromar and Zetar are both remolds of Siege Sixgun and Brunt respectively. Given that they seem to be displayed with other Generations Selects releases, such as Siege Combat Hero Megatron and Red Wing, it seems safe to assume these two will be part of that range as well!
So what do you think of this handsome pair? Happy/shocked to see the trio completed so quickly? Whatever your thoughts, you can share them on the Allspark forums, Discord, or Facebook!