Karyuudo Fansubs releases “Beast Wars Neo” fansub!

In a move we’ve been following closely on the Allspark Foruns, Karyuudo Fansubs has released their fanmade English-subtitled edition of 1999’s Beast Wars Neo! This labor of love has been quite some time in the making, and Karyuudo has made sure to infuse it with their usual level of quality work.
Produced with absolutely no compensation from official sources, this fansub packs in the complete series with a ton of extras!

  • Beast Wars Neo DVD Box Set in MKV format
    • All 35 episodes + 1 trailer in the original Japanese language with 2 optional sets of English subtitles
    • The 1st set is with the original Japanese faction names, honorifics, and translated command code for changing modes
    • 2nd set is for casual fans which replaces the Japanese factions names, honorifics, and command code for changing modes into the Western names. Character names remain the same.
  • Blue Big Convoy – Transformers EX Manga Side Story in JPG format
    • A two page backstory story bridging the events of Beast Wars Returns and Beast Wars II / Beast Wars Neo. This story is translated in English.
  • A Complete Reference Guide
    • A PDF Format Guide explaining translations, cultural references and information about the series.


  • CD Singles (FLAC format)
    • LOVE FOR EVER – Sung by: M.C.R.
    • Te no Naka no Uchuu – Sung by: Hitomi Yuuki
  • Videos (Various formats)
    • Beast Wars Neo Commercials
    • Beast Wars Neo Clean Opening and Endings
  • Books, Magazines and Images (CBR format / JPEG format)
    • Beast Wars Neo DVD Box Set Scans
    • Beast Wars Neo VHS Cassettes Scans
    • Beast Wars Neo CD Single Scans
    • Beast Wars Neo Model Sheets
    • Beast Wars Neo Episode 22 Script Scans
    • Beast Wars Neo Super Encyclopedia
    • Beast Wars Neo Trading cards
    • Beast Wars Neo Manga Scans
    • Beast Wars Neo Mini Comic Scans
    • Beast Wars Neo Secret Illustration Book
    • Beast Wars Neo TV Magazine Profiles

Find the download instructions and link in the Allspark Forums discussion thread here — and leave some feedback for Karyuudo while you’re at it, yes? You can also let us know what you think on the Allspark Facebook page, or our Discord server!