Legends LG EX Blue Big Convoy Gallery and Review!

Leading the Primus Vanguard in the Allspark Studio today is none other than Blue Big Convoy!  Will he finally live up to the Convoy name and join your Council of Convoys on the shelf, or will he get confused about which repaint he is and switch his name to Ultra Mammoth?!?  Tune in after the break to find out!

Takara has really been nailing it lately with Encore and LGEX releases.  Between Encore Universal Dominator Unicron (Review here!), Encore God Fire Convoy, Encore Big Convoy (Review here!) and now LGEX Blue Big Convoy, fans of late 90’s and early 2000’s Transformers have had a chance to get “the best version” of some of their favorite figures from those eras, as well as add to their collection a version of some very limited release Japanese market only exclusives.  I personally never imagined getting an opportunity to own some of these figures, and while I love the emerald hue of Unicron, Blue Big Convoy ended up being my surprise favorite of the two.

Blue Big Convoy is neither Convoy, Big Convoy, nor Ultra Mammoth.  He is a distinct character in his own right, thanks to the Legends comics.  To learn more about him, check out his TFWiki article!  I was a bit unknowledgeable about him myself prior to writing this review, and that site is always a great resource.

Mammoth Mode
As I said, Blue Big Convoy is his own guy, and I am glad that his creators did not try to match his mammoth mode more with Ultra Mammoth’s look, meaning that while he is clearly BLUE all over, he does not look like he just came out of the cold and needs to take his snowshoes off.  His colors are deeper, darker blues; with his fur, eyes and tusks all being slightly different.  The only other significant color you will see in this mode is silver toenails.

One nice detail is that on both this version and the Encore release of the cartoon colored Big Convoy, the triggers for his leg missiles in robot mode are the same color as the rest of the fur, really improving the overall look of the mammoth.  Similarly, the teeth on this mold and the Encore version are not painted, but that does not detract.  I think overall, Blue Big Convoy looks great in contrast to all the other colors of this figure that have been previously released.

Robot Mode
Robot mode for Blue Big Convoy adds a slight amount more…you guessed it: BLUE.  He adds a total of 3 new hues of blue between his helmet, horns, feet and torso.  Oh, they also threw in some gold for the eyes and Maximal symbol, and some grey plastic on the feet, gun, shins, knees and thighs, as well as more silver on various spots of his body.  Inside the chest compartment you will find a silver matrix with the same blue plastic used on the chest.  An exercise is contrast, he ain’t, but he does look rather impressive, like a Beast Wars ice golem ready to smash his Predacon prey.

One really cool thing I learned about Big Blue Convoy by reading the aforementioned TFWiki article is that he is the original owner of the Matrix Sword that came with Magna Convoy (Review here!) part of which is later used by Straxus to make a clone of Blue Big Convoy named Convobat!  I had to put both pieces of the sword together and I think it will permanently stay with this figure.  While I love the look, it would have been nice if he came with the sword himself instead of having to own the other highly sought-after figure to get it.

Blue Big Convoy gets 87/100 ice shards for being a great way to get a previously nigh hard to obtain version of this mold.  He loses a few points for not coming with the Matrix Sword himself, and fans of this version will want to track down an LG EX  Magna Convoy to truly consider this figure complete.  While he only runs about $5 more than the Encore version of Big Convoy, he will put out of another roughly $90 should you choose to purchase.  I love him, and if you love any version of Beast Wars as much as I do, you will enjoy him too!
Now if Takara would just get us encore releases of Lio Convoy and Galvatron Color Lio Convoy

Feel free to be inspired, Takaratomy…;)