Generation Selects Star Convoy is Amazing

Dengeki Hobby Web has revealed clear images of Generation Selects Star Convoy, and a silhouette for what appears to be Super Megatron! Check it out!

The vehicle mode isn’t modified much compared to the spectacular robot mode, but some changes are noticeable. In particular, the smaller robot’s arms are boxier on this retool, which improves the look of the cab compared to the Power of the Primes original.

The big changes to the cab can be seen in its robot mode, now based on G1 Optimus Prime with some toy based touches such as the very toylike head with yellow eyes. This explains the scarcely changed look of he vehicle mode. The toy transforms from Optimus Prime’s regular body into his Star Convoy body, as happens in the Battlestars fiction. A neat touch.

Surprisingly, Dengeki Hobby Web has also revealed silhouettes for an obvious Super Megatron, and something else. The Seacon Turtler/Snaptrap? Are the Seacons finally here?
See the full Dengaki Hobby Web post here.
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