TakaraTomy announce 7-11 exclusive Legendary Nemesis Prime!

The Bumblebee movie continues to build buzz as it hits Japan in a fitting finale for its strong theatrical run — and TakaraTomy is ready to celebrate with more unique releases. In a surprise reveal hearkening back to the Japanese 7-11 exclusive clear Voyager Optimus Prime released to tie in with 2017’s Transformers: The Last Knight, an order page for a “Nemesis Prime” redeco of TakaraTomy’s Legendary Optimus Prime design has surfaced!

Priced at Y7,500 before tax (Y8,100 after), this exclusive figure takes TakaraTomy’s all-new mold for the “Age of Extinction” Evasion Mode design and hits it with the familiar black, silver, and teal “Nemesis” color scheme, and the robot mode features Prime’s ion blaster and likewise-familiar movie-style flame deco.
If this year’s releases have you already gasping for air, take heart — the release date for this is September 13, 2019, so you’ll have time to recover a bit (but don’t take too long, as reservations can be made now). Note that the page mechanics do specify that the product is limited to two pieces per customer, and that it’s to be picked up at a 7-11 branch in Japan, with courier services not allowed.

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