IDW Transformers Humble Bundle 2019 – with reading guide!

IDW Publishing have launched another Humble Bundle comics sale – this time, you can catch up on (almost) the entire 2005-2018 Transformers run for as little as $15, and raise money for charity in the process! Read on for the full details, plus a reading guide for all the comics on offer!

You can find the Humble Bundle page here. As always, the campaign works on a pay-what-you-want basis, with the rewards differing based on the amount you donate. This time, there’s $1, $8 and $15 reward tier, and you can adjust what proportions of your money go to each of IDW Publishing, the Hasbro Children’s Fund charity, and Humble Bundle.
Below, you can check out a guide for reading all the available comics in the correct order, also including comiXology links if you want to fill the few gaps in the Humble Bundle collection:

(Reading order direct link)
Excited for this special offer? Long-time reader looking to fill in some gaps? Or new reader looking to dive in for the first time? Head over to the Allspark Forums to sound off!



Callum somehow managed to avoid Transformers during his actual childhood, but then the live-action films piqued his interest, Animated suckered him in, and IDW's comics made sure he stuck around.