IDW Transformers Humble Bundle 2019 – with reading guide!

IDW Publishing have launched another Humble Bundle comics sale – this time, you can catch up on (almost) the entire 2005-2018 Transformers run for as little as $15, and raise money for charity in the process! Read on for the full details, plus a reading guide for all the comics on offer!

You can find the Humble Bundle page here. As always, the campaign works on a pay-what-you-want basis, with the rewards differing based on the amount you donate. This time, there’s $1, $8 and $15 reward tier, and you can adjust what proportions of your money go to each of IDW Publishing, the Hasbro Children’s Fund charity, and Humble Bundle.
Below, you can check out a guide for reading all the available comics in the correct order, also including comiXology links if you want to fill the few gaps in the Humble Bundle collection:

(Reading order direct link)
Excited for this special offer? Long-time reader looking to fill in some gaps? Or new reader looking to dive in for the first time? Head over to the Allspark Forums to sound off!