New Transformers Cyberverse Concept Art!

With the first season of the newest animated incarnation of Transformers having wrapped up a couple months ago, Boulder Media character designer Leo Chiola has now shared a behind-the-scenes look at the show’s production materials!
This art, which was posted by Leo Chiola onto his ArtStation profile, covers a wide range of types. While there are full on model sheets with turn-arounds for characters like Soundwave and Shockwave, there’s also smaller, more specific pieces that showcase a range of facial expressions for the show’s cast and detailed breakdowns of how characters’ limbs and hands should move.

You can view the full gallery of Leo Chiola’s concept art here. Be sure to also check out his previously posted rust-infected bot concept art and his key frames for the show’s opening titles!
To discuss this art, you can hit up the Allspark forums’ Cyberverse cartoon discussion thread, or on our official Discord server!