Stop-motion captures of Studio Series Shatter!

Even as the reception for the Bumblebee movie continues to gather momentum globally, we’ve got an update on one of the ‘cons featured in the film: Shatter!
This mini-gallery from Snakas shares captures from YouTuber BobToysReview’s stop-motion video. Aside from some fun moments with other upcoming Studio Series figures (and a customized green VW Bumblebee), the video gives us a nice look at Shatter’s robot and vehicle modes.
While not a triple changer (those are kind of tough to execute on a Deluxe figure budget, especially given the licensed nature of the vehicles), Studio Series #40 Shatter does turn into a dashing 1971 Plymouth GTX. Curiously, the video doesn’t show her arm-mounted blasters, but instead have her wielding a rifle.

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