New Bumblebee Movie Figures Revealed – Retro Soundwave and Ironhide!

Via the HasbroToyShop website comes out very first look at new Bumblebee movie figures of Soundwave and Ironhide, plus extensive stock photos for other recently-revealed toys. Read on to check them out!

The brand-new reveals are two upcoming toys from the Power Plus Series assortment, which include one Power Series figure and one energon core motor accessory. While these figures have a retro Generation 1 vibe, especially Soundwave, they’re notably not based on the designs for these characters seen in the Bumblebee movie itself – likely the result of those scenes being added very last minute. Also present on the website are full sets of stock photos for other recent reveals, such as Power Series Ratchet and Nitro Series Blitzwing and Dropkick.
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Power Plus Series Soundwave

Soundwave callously collects intel by stealing the signals of Autobot communications. Once the cold Decepticon spy gathers valuable information, he uses the power of Energon to take off at top speed, delivering his report with haste to the ruthless Decepticon leader, Megatron.

Power Plus Series Ironhide

With the power of Energon coursing through his circuits, Ironhide shifts into high-gear to take on Decepticon threats.

Power Series Autobot Ratchet

With an Energon boost to his engine, Autobot Ratchet blasts onto the scene. The Autobot medic swerves through the chaos of battle, rapidly repairing injured bots.

Nitro Series Blitzwing

Blitzwing speeds through the skies, leaving every other bot in his jet stream. When the Autobots enter his sights, the brash Decepticon charges down for an Energon-infused blitz attack.

Nitro Series Dropkick

When Dropkick spots enemy Autobots below, he wastes no time making his move. He swoops down from overhead, spinning his propellers at full speed with the power of Energon.