Astrotrain Wins G1 Reissue Vote!

The ballots are in and the tallying is done. The winner of Hasbro Pulse’s 2020 Walmart Reissue vote is none other than the Sky God himself, Astrotrain!

Let’s recap. After a sudden announcement this week, giving the fandom a day to steel itself, Hasbro Pulse launched a series of polls to decide an addition to the 2020 lineup of the Walmart-exclusive G1 reissue toyline. The roster was curious, but the fans were intrigued.

The first round featured two contenders from 1985: The Autobot Scientist Perceptor versus the Decepticon Military Transport Astrotrain. Percy lost with 46% of the votes, while Astro took 54%. The result wasn’t a landslide, but the mass-shifting lug consistently received stronger support throughout the day.

The second round of voting pitted two 1984 classics against one another: the Decepticon Warriors Skywarp and Thundercracker. The winner of this matchup was harder to predict; percentages were stuck at 50/50 for most of the day. In the end Skywarp took 52% of the votes.

After two close semifinal rounds, the vote’s final round set the two previous winners against each other. Proving his might, Astrotrain stood atop of the rest with 57% of the votes.

With 2020 still a good distance away, we have but to wait and see what shall become of our new supreme god. Will he receive the original white and purple colors? The Japanese black and white? Or perhaps the cartoon-accurate purple and grey, first released through e-Hobby? Whichever way it goes, remember that all who defy him shall die.
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David S