TFSource Sponsor News: MP-44 Convoy / Optimus Prime 3.0 Preorders Available (Updated with New Images)

TFSource updated this morning with preorders open for and information about the latest Masterpiece incarnation of Optimus Prime. While TFSource have received pricing information, they haven’t yet received color photos of the figure or a full list of accessories.

Check out the listing at TFSource for details or to preorder your own.
Other than his trailer and trademark ion blaster, Prime’s accessories are as yet unannounced, but given the generous accessory allotments of other recent Masterpiece figures, we can probably expect a variety. You can see this discussion post on the Allspark Forums for a possible list of accessories via one Chinese retailer. (And share your thoughts on the toy while you’re there! Or get in touch with us on the Allspark Discord server and Allspark Facebook group.)
Update: Full accessory information and images are in. See the full listing or the mirrored item description and images below.

MP-44 Masterpiece Convoy 3.0 / Optimus Prime is an all new remastered version of Optimus Prime, reflecting his more anime / cartoon styling! Convoy transforms from truck cab with tractor trailer to robot and back! Optimus Prime comes with accessories which include his trailer, energy axe, rifle and blast effects, Spike and Sparkplug figures, Roller, a detachable repair bay bot that is mobile and attaches to Roller, extra battle damaged head, extra Starscream head, Starscream shoulder pieces to mimic the episode where Starscream disguised himself as Prime, gas pump and hose, Matrix of Leadership, and more.Relive all the glory of the original G1 cartoon with this remastered and all new version of Optimus Prime!
Set Features:
– Optimus Prime/Convoy 3.0 Figure
– Tractor Trailer with repair bay & Roller
– Spike & Sparkplug Figure
– Battle Damaged Head
– Energy Axe
– Rifle
– 2 Blast Effects
– Extra Starscream head
– Starscream Shoulder Pieces & Head
– Gas pump & Hose
– Matrix Of Leadership – More Accessories as Shown
MP cars are sold separately and not included. Trailer can hold Masterpiece cars as shown.