Listings Appear For Power of the Primes Ricochet and “Red Swoop”!

Just when we thought the Power of the Primes toyline was winding down, it turns out there might be two more surprises left in store!
These two potential surprises were found on the Midtown Comics website, which now lists Power of the Primes “Select Series” Action Figures of “Ricochet” and “Red Swoop“! While the two listings have no pictures, Transformers fans may recognize the first name as that of a black and gold repaint of Jazz who first appeared as a Japan-exclusive toy during the 1987 Headmasters line. Some fans have speculated that the obscured dark-hued right leg of the Combiner Elita Infin1te (as seen on the packaging of Elita-1, Moonracer, and Novastar) is Ricochet as it appears to be modeled on the Power of the Primes Jazz toy.

Scan of opened Moonracer packaging courtesy of Allspark friend site
While perhaps a bit less obvious, the Red Swoop listing presumably refers to a version of the aerial Dinobot based more off of his original 1985 toy colors rather than the more widely known Diaclone-derived colors his cartoon model was based on. This toy-based color scheme was apparently planned by Hasbro at one point, surviving long enough into his design process to appear on the promotional render on his Power of the Primes toy’s packaging.

Scan of Swoop packaging backside courtesy of Allspark friend site
Midtown Comics has both of these heretofore unseen toys up for preorder to the tune of $20.69, a small discount from their standard price of $22.99. They also list a (likely provisional) release date of 1/31/2019. Whether these two toys are Midtown Comics exclusives or whether someone there jumped the gun on posting these preorders is unknown.
Thanks to Allspark Forums user Verity Carlo for bringing these mysterious listings to our attention!
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