Hi-Res Stock Photos of G-Shock × Transformers Optimus Prime Watch

Via Twitter, TakaraTomy has given us high-resolution stock photos of the new collaboration watch + pedestal Master Optimus Prime Resonant Mode.

First revealed last week, this wristwatch is a collaboration project with Casio, the company behind the G-Shock line of high-quality watches. Master Optimus Prime Resonant Mode G-Shock Set will cost ¥29000 JPY (approximately $256 USD). Scheduled for release in December 2018, a listing will likely appear soon on TakaraTomy Mall.

Takara has also put up information for Master Optimus Prime Resonant Mode on their page of special Transformers products.

Via YouTube, TakaraTomy has also uploaded a special promotional video for this item, though at the time of this writing it is not viewable outside of Japan.

Thanks to Allsparker vagdra for the alert.
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