The “Lost TMNT Convention” at the Mutant & Monster Mayhem Toy Show

The Mutant & Monster Mayhem Toy Show – a new convention from Night Shining, the people behind Pete’s Robot Convention – have revealed toy mock-ups from a 2016 pitch for an official Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles convention, that will be displayed at the show this August.

The pitched toy set was to have been themed around the mighty Mutanimals, with a cast of classic characters rendered in the style of the 2012 Nickelodeon TMNT cartoon, featuring characters like Tokka from Secret of the Ooze, a classic-deco Mondo Gecko, a mutated cheetah April O’Neil, and even “Shadow Panda”, a homage to Panda Khan from the Turtles’ crossovers with Usagi Yojimbo!

And that’s not all – the M&MM Toy Show will be holding a raffle, with the grand prize being the toy mockups for Tokka and Shadow Panda used to pitch the convention to Nickelodeon!

For Night Shining’s official post on the matter, see below.

What could have been!

There was a pitch in 2016 for an Official TMNT Convention, including a mock-up concept for what a convention boxed set might have looked like. We will have this one-of-a-kind set on display at The Mutant & Monster Mayhem Toy Show on August 11-12 at the Cincinnati Marriott at RiverCenter.

Want to have a chance at winning two of the at-show exclusives concepts? The GRAND PRIZE raffle item for The Mutant & Monster Mayhem Toy Show will be the set of Shadow Panda AKA Panda Khan and Tokka! Again, these were one-of-a-kind mock ups used in a presentation.

Registration is open for The Mutant & Monster Mayhem Toy Show right now. to order your pass.

We will also be offering at-the-door admission on Sunday. Adults and Teens are $10. Kids 12 and under are FREE!*
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We’ll see you at The Mutant & Monster Mayhem Toy Show next month!