SDCC 2018: Hasbro Panel

This year, Hasbro came to San Diego ready for a War for Cybertron that would lay Siege to fan wallets everywhere.

Thanks to @callykarishokka, we’ve got a first-class look at the official reveal of the new War for Cybertron Trilogy’s first chapter. Siege hit fans with a nostalgia brick as Hasbro unveiled its followup to the successful Prime Wars Trilogy. Siege features a cross-pricepoint play pattern, with Micromasters (who transform into vehicles and robots, and combine to form weapons) and Battle Masters (like the Targetmasters and Action Master partners of old) providing weaponry for teched-out, Cybertron-style Deluxe, Voyager, and Leader class figures.

Wave 1 features Swindler and RoadHandler from the Race Car Patrol, and Flask (Flak?) and Big Shot from the Battle Patrol. Wave 2 brings us Stakeout and Red Heat (nee Red Hot) from the Rescue Patrol.

Battle Masters:
Wave 1 reintroduces us to Firedrive — and Lionizer, who this time around turns into a blade weapon.

Wave 1 has Sideswipe, previously revealed; Autobot Hound, featuring a Cybertron-style version of his old Army Jeep altmode; and Cog — Fortress Maximus’ little buddy brings the play pattern in spades as he separates to arm up other figures!
Wave 2 brings a Cybertronian Ironhide and a new Chromia, who bears a passing resemblance to POTP Moonracer.

Worth noting as well is the Siege preview artwork, which shows a lineup of Autobots that includes Prowl and Red Alert — and, in the background, what looks like a Decepticon tetrajet or two.

The only Voyager debuted so far is Optimus Prime, but the real stunner is Leader class Ultra Magnus — who blends his previous and related incarnations by having RID2001 ULtra Magnus’ car carrier design in G1 Magnus’ colors — and, for the first time in a modern, Generations-era toyline, a separate cab robot that armors up into the full Ultra Magnus!

On the Movie side of things, still going strong is Studio Series. Bringing some molds back with new parts, alongside all-new releases, seems to be the direction the near future takes us.
Deluxe wave 3 brings us the star of December’s Bumblebee movie, in his old-school-meets-new VW Beetle altmode.

Deluxe wave 4 has a returning Ratchet (in Dark of the Moon deco, and with a blaster); Dropkick, a Decepticon helicopter from the Bumblebee movie; Shadow Raider, an orange and black AOE Lockdown retool featuring Lockdown’s HUD-mask head and a new, possibly gunhead, weapon; and a KSI Sentry that places a KSI drone head on a blue and black AOE Stinger body.

Voyager wave 3 features Movie 1 Ironhide, and wave 4 brings back Starscream in his ROTF Cyberglyphics-covered deco, weilding his sawblade weapon from that movie.

Finally, the panel gives us a taste of the new cartoon, Transformers Cyberverse, with new toy reveals: Warrior class Windblade, scout class Slipstream, Warrior class Acid Storm, and Ultra class Shadow Striker! Over 90 bots were designed for season 1, so here’s hoping many of them find their way to toy form.

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