Impromptu Interview with John Warden & Hasbro Brand Team at SDCC 2018!

San Diego Comic Con continues to carry on, though the Transformers news has slowed down, with the big War for Cybertron & Bumblebee movie reveal panels in the history books. But Hasbro is still there and awesome Allspark chat member Exastiken is taking advantage of it and polled our members for Q&A subjects for the team! And this went on for many, many hours! Below find the incredibly long chat with the makers of our plastic crack!
Thanks go out to Allspark members gearshift (for transcribing) and Reddit user Exastiken who asked the hard questions! And passed along a couple photos, including a Prime Wars print from Machinima signed by Gregg Berger (the classic voice of Grimlock, who reprises the role in Machinima’s series) which came for the low price of $20!

Note: Questions are those submitted by The Allspark community, answers those communicated back by our reporter. These are not direct quotes.
Community members’ questions are indicated with {curly brackets} below.

NON-WARDEN REP (no name badges at the time)
Q: {Fear or Courage}: Why was Power of the Primes so short compared to the other two parts of the Trilogy? Was this always the plan or did the cutoff take you by surprise?
A: PotP was short because they wanted to move to the new trilogy faster.
Q: {vagdra}: What is the possibility of revisiting remaining combiners going forward?
A: Hasbro could work combiners into War for Cybertron Trilogy. We would want to support combiner pegs from Combiner Wars if we did.
Q: {Cabooceratops}: Can you just say hey thanks for having three trans women as main characters, including Arcee? I know that’s IDW’s doing but they had to get the okay from Hasbro, I’d imagine
A: Thanks, we appreciate it.
Q: {gearshift}: Why haven’t we ever seen a Ratchet toy with the red head from the comics? It’s always white.
A: Good suggestion! We will take that into account.
Q: {Cabooceratops}: What was the design process behind picking and creating Battleslash/Roadtrap/Battletrap?
A: We’ve got a lot of Autobot Legends, we wanted a Decepticon and these two guys were a deluxe and we wanted the Legends to be their own character.
Q: {Broadside}: Why were Armada Hot Shot and RID01 Wedge chosen for Rescue Bots Academy?
A: Armada Hot Shot and Wedge are heroic and have interacted with humans more, making them seem young and good matches for the brand.
Q: {vagdra}: Any hints on what the ‘Toilet Troop’ thing is from the brand Instagram?
A: No Toilet Troop spoilers!
Q: {S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent 47}: Amazon listed Titan Masters for Optimus Primal and Toraizer. What happened to them?
A: Optimus Primal and Toraizer had head designs. Primal was an Apeface retool.
Q: {S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent 47}: What were the pretool heads for Titans Return Kup and Misfire?
A: Titans Return Kup was Orion Pax. Misfire’s pretool he doesn’t remember since the Triggerhappy mold was a smorgasbord.
Q: {S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent 47}: Is there any particular reasoning for doing two Brawns in Titans Return? (head and Legends)?
A: We don’t know about Brawn, but it was funny that we could put one inside the other.
Q: {S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent 47}: Any plans for a new Collectors’ Club or BotCon in the foreseeable future?
A: We have plans for exclusives stay TUNED.
Q: {S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent 47}: Why was Cindersaur chosen to be Slash’s retool?
A: With Cindersaur, we had Dinobots, so we brought back Monsterbots and we thought Cinder was a good pick.
Q: {Exastiken} Anything more about a potential CW Piranacon?
A: Seacons: we are moving forward with War for Cybertron, but nothing is ever off the table.
Q: {Exastiken}: What size would a hypothetical Titan Omega Supreme be?
A: Omega Supreme would be Devastator scale or slightly bigger. Of course we can’t talk about Titan plans yet, but can just say the size it would be.
Q: {Exastiken} How does the Diorama get made?
A: First wood window to make sure it fits inside the area. Then some slats underneath. Then add pink foam. Latex paint applied to foam. Add acetone, melt it then some nail polish. They 3D printed the bridges, designed by Mark Maha. They dry painted everything black and then added black sand to make the terrain rough. Designer was passionate about it
Q: {Exastiken} [About POTP Starscream and Inferno combiner name/limbs]
A: Starscream and Inferno have no plans for completion, nothing more on combiner names.
Q: [about Seeker scale]
A: They said seekers have been bumped up to voyagers. No longer Deluxes.
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