Flame Toys Upcoming Figures and Model Kits – New Official Images!

Following the recent reveals of many new items at their booth at Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong 2018, Flame Toys has released official images of their upcoming model kits and high-end collector figures.
In the Furai Model series, we have images of IDW Optimus Prime, IDW MTMTE Megatron, Bumblebee with his Action Master Heli-pack, Starscream, a Nemesis Prime re-deco of Akira Amemiya’s (TRIGGER) Optimus, and Akira Amemiya’s take on Devastator. These non-coverting kits are fully poseable once assembled.

Next up is the Kuro Kara Kuri series of high-end collectable figures. The biggest surprise reveal at the show was the unexpected Victory Leo designed to combine with their upcoming MTMTE Star Saber into Victory Saber! Victory Leo does not appear in the IDW comics and is a brand new design meant to complement Alex Milne’s Star Saber design. Due to Flame Toys license with Hasbro only allowing them to produce non-converting figures, Victory Leo seemingly does not possess a robot mode, only separating into pieces to convert from lion to armor for Star Saber.
The other surprise reveal from this line was the appearance of Shattered Glass Drift! Styled after FunPub’s Transformers Collector’s Club release, the Deadpool-inspired SG Drift comes in a fetching metallic crimson color scheme and includes a pair of new pistols inspired by the Blurr pistols included with the original figure.
Also revealed is gray-scale prototype of an IDW-inspired Optimus Prime and an image confirming an upcoming release of IDW’s stealth Megatron design.

Also shown at ACGHK, the Deformer Model Kits are small kits featuring Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee, Starscream, and Soundwave in super-deformed style.

You can check out more ACGHK booth pics and a test-shot of Kuro Kara Kuri series Tarn below!