Bumblebee Movie “Energon Igniter” toys revealed

GeekDad.com has revealed upcoming “Energon Igniter” gimmick toys from the Transformers spinoff movie Bumblebee, coming this December.

Simplified and intended for younger fans, the Energon Igniters range from the Legion-esque $5.99 “Speed” series to the Deluxe-sized $19.99 “Nitro” toys, which use “Energon cores” to unlock pop-out weapons, similar to the Cyber Keys of 2005’s Transformers: Cybertron.

Notably, Hot Rod from last year’s The Last Knight features prominently in the toyline, as do Megatron and Optimus Prime – though none of the three has been officially revealed as appearing in the film. Optimus uses his Generation 1-inspired Age of Extinction “Evasion mode” design, while Megatron is based on his Revenge of the Fallen appearance; however, Hot Rod only appears as retools of Barricade and new villain Dropkick, possibly indicating that his toy appearance is just to flesh out the toyline for a relatively small-scale movie.

While Dropkick gets a “Power” series toy ($9.99, compatible with the larger toys’ cores), the other two Decepticons we know of from the movie – female¬†Plymouth GTX Shatter and the conspicuously-unnamed jet resembling G1 Starscream – will seemingly have to wait for their turn in the plastic.

Bumblebee gets multiple toys in both his VW Beetle form from the upcoming film and his 1977 Camaro form sported in the 2007 movie; it remains to be seen whether he’ll take on that body in this one.

While Barricade’s voice actor Jess Harnell has confirmed that he will be playing the fan-favorite Decepti-cop in Bumblebee, Paramount have yet to confirm his presence; however, his appearance in the toyline sports a brand-new white-and-blue deco on a bodyform similar to his 2007 design, lending credence to Harnell’s words.
What do you think of these toys? Will you be picking them up, or waiting for the inevitable Studio Series releases? Check out GeekDad’s article before discussing the reveals on our forums, or joining up with our Discord server!