2018 Transformers Hall of Fame Inductees Announced!

Though the reveals of the War for Cybertron: Siege, Bumblebee, and Cyberverse toylines were the stars of the show, Hasbro had one last big announcement for their 2018 San Diego Comic Con Panel. The winners of the fan vote to decide who would be inducted into the Transformers Hall of Fame this year!
In case you missed this year’s vote, the nominees for 2018’s Hall of Fame nominees were Blackarachnia, Unicron, and Omega Supreme in the Best Character category and Studio Series Blackout, Power of the Primes Optimus Prime, and Power of the Primes Roadslash and Battletrap (AKA Battletrap) in the Best Toy category. Of those options, Blackarachnia walked away with Best Character and Battletrap won Best Toy!
However, Hasbro had one last surprise inductee… For his many years of service writing and editing the world of the Transformers for IDW Publishing, Optimus Prime and Transformers: Unicron writer John Barber also received a well earned induction into the Hall of Fame! Since he had already been on the IDW Transformers panel that preempted Hasbro’s, Barber was able to accept his award, a Transformers: Universe Prowl figure attached to a plaque printed with the Prowl-centric cover of Transformers: Windblade vol. 2 #3, in person!

We here at the Allspark would like to congratulate all three inductees, both real and fictional, for their achievement! We would also like to thank @callykarishokka on Twitter for her pictures of the event!
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