The Allspark Presents: The Unofficial Hasbro Heroes Sourcebook Extended – Issue 1

Hello, everyone and welcome to the first issue of a new fan project from The Allspark: the Unofficial Hasbro Heroes Sourcebook Extended! Click through to find out more!

The Unofficial Hasbro Heroes Sourcebook Extended is a new collaborative fan project in the vein of Allspark’s previous fanmade profile books, like Battle Protocol and the Fan Character Sourcebook.

If you’ll recall, last year, IDW Publishing released the Hasbro Heroes Sourcebook, a guidebook featuring characters from across the newly-minted Hasbro Universe. Over three individual issues, 81 characters from Transformers, G.I. Joe, Micronauts, ROM, Action Man, and M.A.S.K. were given profiles that recapped their known history and revealed previously unknown details about their lives.
But come on, there’s a LOT more than 81 characters in the Hasbro Universe. That’s why we created the Sourcebook Extended, an ongoing project that seeks to celebrate, explore, and expand the Hasbro Universe by giving new, original profiles to every single character that has appeared in this universe (and even some that haven’t.)

In addition, we also want to use this as a vehicle for storytelling, so each issue will include original fan comics and prose stories that expand on the mythology of the IDW Universe in ways the normal comics wouldn’t be able to. Sometimes they’ll be action-oriented romps, sometimes they’ll be quiet character pieces.
And best of all, this book is entirely the work of YOU, the Allspark community!
To read our first issue, click below to download the PDF or CBZ files:
Get the PDF version here!
Get the CBZ version here!
View it on Issu here!
And be sure to check out our thread in the Allspark Forums to find out how you can be a part of crafting the next issue of the Unofficial Hasbro Heroes Sourcebook Extended!
EDIT: Updated to include the latest version of the Sourcebook in PDF and CBZ and on Issu.

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