New MP-36+ Masterpiece Megatron Official Images Up On Takara Website

Via Takara Tomys website comes a gallery of high-resolution images showcasing their upcoming release of Masterpiece MP-36+ Megatron, a more G1 toy inspired version of the previous Masterpiece figure. Giving us glimpse at how the figure looks and what it will come.

Announced earlier this year, Megatrons MP-36+ version is done up in a very G1 toy-based Megatron deco, as well a selection of new and old accessories. While the main attraction of this new release will be the new toy-inspired face and chest pieces, the original cartoon face and chest, additional yelling face and the gun modes optional stock/silencer will all be included. However, it seems that the clone Control Helmet, the Key to Vector Sigma, the laser pistol and sword do not appear to be. Whether they will be a part of the final release is unclear for now.
Regardless, head on over to Takara Tomys website for a 3D turnaround of the figures robot and gun modes, plus their gallery. Or check out the images below to see the shininess of this new Megatron!

Masterpiece MP-36+ Megatron is scheduled to be released via the Takara Tomy Mall webiste in December of 2018 for 24000 Yen (approximately $218.32).
Thanks to our very own Takara Tomy Mall exclusive, Powered Convoy, for breaking the news.
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