Clear Prototype Photos of Masterpiece Optimus Prime 3.0 Revealed!

After weeks of rumors and fleeting glimpses, Takara Tomy has finally released clear photos of the prototype for their upcoming third crack at a Masterpiece Generation 1 Optimus Prime!

Having already shown the prototype at the Tokyo Toy Show earlier this June, Takara Tomy has now supplied Japanese hobby website Dengeki Hobby with clear, official photos of their prototype of their third and as of yet unnumbered Masterpiece Optimus Prime/Convoy. This new take on the classic Autobot leader brings the toy’s look even closer in line with the animation model for the original 1980s animated series, going so far as to include fake windows and a fake torso grill to increase his robot mode’s show accuracy over the previous two Masterpiece Primes in 2004 and 2011. Additionally, Dengeki Hobby’s article also states that this figure will include a voice box featuring several lines performed by Optimus’ original Japanese voice actor Tesshō Genda.
You can check out these pictures of the new Masterpiece Prime below. Once you do, head on over to the Masterpiece discussion thread on the Allspark forums or the tf-toys channel on the Allspark Discord server and share your thoughts on Takara’s latest take on Optimus!