Allspark Art Showcase of the Week for June 2nd 2018

Good afternoon, Allspark! This week’s Allspark Art Showcase features another piece by superstar Shawn Tessmann, who you might remember from his Titans Return Cybertron Sideways. This time, it’s a lovingly detailed and textured Shattered Glass Optimus Prime from the Power of the Primes figure, being offered as a prize in an ongoing contest!

Not to be confused with the sometimes evil Decepticon, sometimes evil agent of Unicron Nemesis Prime, Shattered Glass Optimus Prime is an evil Autobot from the inverted Shattered Glass universe. Allspark user Defensis Prime commissioned Shawn Tessmann to recreate the deco seen in the two BotCon exclusive toys and later Hasbro Asia Masterpiece representing this character, with an added layer of texturing and wear that helps to tell the story of this Prime’s many years of dastardly deeds.
Check out the custom thread for more photos and details, including Shattered Glass Orion Pax and the alt mode as well as a closer look at that lovely bit of chest graffiti.

The figure is being offered as part of a contest which is itself part of a devious scheme to create a complete collection of Power of the Primes trading cards. You can see Defensis Prime’s thread about the endeavor for more information or to take a shot at acquiring this beautiful custom yourself.
Do you create customs of your own, fanart, comics, or other creative fan work? Or are you looking for advice where to start? There are several ways to connect with the Allspark’s customs and art community, including our Iacon Art Institute forums, our Discord server, and our DeviantArt group. Come join us with a piece you’d like to share or a problem you’d like to solve, and your work could be featured in a future Allspark Art Showcase!