“Think of the Transformers as a Cow” – Jess Harnell on Voicing Barricade in Bumblebee Movie

In a very brief video interview with Jess Harnell from kid-friendly KidzCoolIt.com, Jess Harnell comments on his return to voice Barricade in the Bumblebee film and what he would do if he went to Cybertron, and also reveals that he is made of metal.

Harnell is a prolific voice actor who also portrayed the film version of Ironhide and the Animaniacs’ Wakko Warner. He doesn’t place himself as an enthusiastic fan of the franchise but is happy to return to the role.

Think of the Transformers as a cow. And they’re just going to keep milking it until it runs out of milk, man […] And it’s cool, ‘cuz people still dig it, it so it’s going to be fine.

Barricade’s return implies that his confrontation with Bumblebee in the 2007 movie wasn’t the first, so we can hope to see this rivalry grow (in reverse) in the Bumblebee movie.
You can check out the video and see photos of Harnell with his children, including at least one pint-sized Transformers fan, at KidsCoolIt.com.
Are you looking forward to seeing Barricade again? Share your thoughts on the upcoming Bumblebee movie in our thread on the subject or our Discord server. Thanks to Allspark user Verity Carlo for alerting us to this news.