Takara Tomy To Apologise and Refund All Orders of Encore God Fire Convoy!

Takara Tomy are having to send out recall orders, along with a full apology and refund for their eagerly awaited Encore release of Car Robots God Fire Convoy. That’s Robots in Disguise 2001 Omega Prime to us Westerners.
This impressive and expensive gift set contains reissues of Super Fire Convoy, God Magnus, their accessories, and the Super God Sword, with handles for both God Fire Convoy and Brave Maximus. As seen in previous galleries, the plastic colours for both figures have been slightly altered, along with metallic paint replacing the original deco’s chrome parts.
Sadly, the giftset’s release has been marred with some serious QC issues. So much so that Takara Tomy has had to recall every version of the figure. As a recent Twitter post by user TAABAO’S TOYBOX shows, Takara Tomy’s recall letter states that it is because of faulty electronics. There have also been reports of misaligned or bent plastics on both figures, the wrong sounds being played, or even incorrect callouts and stock photos on the packaging.
The tweet also shows the company’s apology letter, which provides not only a total refund of the giftset, but an enclosed Child’s Gift Certificate worth 1,500 yen, which approximates to about $13.75. This situation is a major blow to Takara Tomy, as well as a big disappointment for all Car Robots and RiD 2001 fans.
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Credit: Ian