Hasbro to Buy Power Rangers and Other Franchises from Saban Entertainment

Only a few short months after Hasbro Inc surprisingly took over the global Power Rangers toy license from Bandai America, the toy and entertainment giant announced today that they are now buying the popular superhero brand outright for $520 million, from its previous owners Saban Entertainment; other franchises such as Luna Petunia and Popples will also be acquired.
Though Saban were initially responsible for localizing the Japanese tokusatsu Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the franchise was owned by The Walt Disney Company from 2001 until Saban reacquired it in 2010. Hasbro is likely seeking another in-house media juggernaut to compensate for losses caused by the demise of Toys R Us. Hasbro’s acquisition comes only a year after talks to acquire Lionsgate Entertainment – responsible for producing 2017’s live action Power Rangers movie and distributing Hasbro’s My Little Pony: The Movie – fell apart.
It’s currently unknown what effect this will have on currently-running and upcoming Power Rangers media, such as BOOM! Studios’ comic lineup (currently in the middle of the “Shattered Grid” crossover event), the upcoming Power Rangers: Beast Morphers, or tentative plans for a sequel to the live action movie. (Of course, Transformers fans might be intrigued by increased plausibility of a Transformers/Power Rangers crossover now that both series are owned by the same company…)
Hasbro’s website has more on the their acquisition of the franchise. Discuss what this might mean for Power Rangers’ future in the Power Rangers thread on our boards, or join the conversation in the toy channel of our Discord server!