Figure King #244 Scans – MP Megatron Beast Mode, Studio Series, New Convoy Hint, and Bonus Diaclone Battle Buffalo

Via Facebook, Loopaza Mega Store released scans from Figure King #244 of upcoming Transformers items, including several images of MP-43 Beast Wars Megatron in both modes, a few new Studio Series images and a tiny hint at a possible upcoming new MP Convoy, and for a bonus, new images of the Diaclone Battle Buffalo robot.

First up is the Transformers content, and that means MP-43 Beast Wars Megatron. The photos show off his alternate robot expressions, the kibble compression on his robot mode back, the lovely beast mode face sculpt, and the emotive neck articulation in his dinosaur form.
Also check out an inset on the final page of a curiously not-very-MP-10-like Optimus Prime chest and shoulder in preproduction form.

Loopaza provided the first two scans from Figure King below featuring Battle Buffalo, while Allspark user CEEFAX hooked us up with two more layouts with similar offerings to what was shown at Shizuoka Hobby Show. What’s not yet shown is what other configurations the new Battle Buffalo is hiding.

See the Facebook posts below, or check out Loopaza’s Facebook page. Thanks to Allspark forumites CEEFAX, Powered Convoy, and TriBlurr for sharing this news with us. You can join the discussion on the new Diaclone bots or MP-43 Megatron or just Figure King #244 all on the Allspark Forums, or express your hype in realtime on our Discord server.