Allspark Art Showcase of the Week for May 5th 2018

Good afternoon, Allspark! It’s time for our weekly art showcase, featuring the best of Allspark’s customs, fanart, and other creative works. This week, Transformers customization superstar Shawn Tessmann takes the spot with his Titans Return Cybertron Sideways, including work by Trent Troop.

Full disclosure: This piece is a commission in two parts by Allspark staffer Steve a.k.a. SoS. But the execution speaks for itself.
First, Steve commissioned Trent Troop to create a Titans Return faceplate befitting the menacing agent of Unicron in his Transformers: Cybertron incarnation, to be combined with a Titans Return Scourge body, Brawn Titan Master, and vintage Sideways swords. Then he handed it all off to custom wizard and Customization Class instructor Shawn Tessmann for a clean, factory-style paint job. Shawn’s and Trent’s work combines into a factory-fit likeness of Cybertron Sideways in full Prime Wars toy style.

You can see the details of this build, as well as the alt mode and Titan Master, in Steve’s custom thread, along with similarly polished Prime Wars takes on Armada Cyclonus and Animated Sentinel Prime.
If you’re inspired to try your hand at a similar custom, you can also check out more Prime Wars customization kits by Trent Troop at Prize Inside on Shapeways, with a wide selection of Titans Return faceplates and other alternate parts to fill out your roster.
And once you do, share your work in the Iacon Art Institute forums! Whether customs, 2D art, or otherwise, your piece could be featured in our next Allspark Art Showcase. If you’re new to Allspark create an account, or jump into the live chat on our Discord server. You can also post customs, fanart, and other work to our DeviantArt page. We look forward to seeing what you create!