Pics of Design Process of Power of the Primes Dinobot Slash Released on Official Social Media

A new release of ‘Leaked from Cybertron’ on official Transformers social media reveals concept art and prototype images of the newest member of the Dinobots, Slash!
Dinobot Slash was a Legends Class figure released in the first wave of the Power of the Primes toyline, and now Hasbro has given us a glimpse at her creation through their official social media channels. Her concept art is the most interesting, making her raptor mode more robust, and giving her daggers as a robot mode weapon. (Coincidentally, Trent Troop recreated these as a shapeways item you can buy!) The Prototype are as usual nice to look at, and of course, the final figure!
Slash is available at retail and at today!
We’ve embedded the video slideshow below, or scroll down for the extracted images:

#BTS of how Legends Class Dinobot Slash evolved from concept art to final figure.

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