Hasbro Exploring Further Brand Crossovers With “Alter Egos”?

Since Revolution, Hasbro fans have been enjoying a major “shared universe” event that crosses many of the company’s brands through toys and media. But what if that idea was a little crazier?
Long-time Transformers fan Will Kinne has posted just that. In what is presented as his being mistakenly added to a mailing list by former BotCon/Fun Publications employee Pete Sinclair, he reveals a new line of exclusive action figures that was commissioned by Hasbro from Night Shining, Inc – Mr. Sinclair’s new venture that currently runs RoboCon, an annual robot-themed toy show in Cincinnati, Ohio.
“Alter Egos” mashes together Hasbro brands such as Transformers, Visionaries, G.I. Joe, My Little Pony, and Littlest Pet Shop in a hilarious new way! G.I. Joe’s Nemesis Enforcer becomes Neigh-mesis Enforcer, Lt. Falcon becomes an actual falcon, and Soundwave… Well Soundwave runs his Littlest Cassette Shop! This leak contains images, box art, and even a press release, as well as a screen grab of the email that started it all.
Check out Will Kinne’s Facebook post here and see the images mirrored below. You can find out more about Night Shining, Inc on their website and Twitter, as well as the Facebook page for RoboCon.