“Alter Egos” Customs to Be Raffle Prizes at Pete’s Robot Convention

Alter Egos may have only been an April 1 prank, but the toys used to create the photos really exist. The Pete’s Robot Convention Facebook page has updated with information about two raffle packages – the Alter Egos sets shown in the original “release”, and a separate “Mare-O-Ness” figure. Read on to see the details for a chance at each.
The drawing for the main Alter Egos package, which includes the figures shown in the original release as well as a print of the Alter Egos poster art, is a pre-registration incentive – pre-registration automatically includes a ticket for the raffle. Pre-registrants before April 14 get a second ticket to double their chances.
The GI Joe / My Little Pony mashup Mare-O-Ness figure, including “Littlest Cassette Shop” Ravage and a character card, is being offered in a separate contest via Facebook sharing – share the post and suggest a mash-up of your own for a chance at the figure.
You can see the full details on the drawings (and participate in the second drawing directly) in the original Pete’s Robot Convention Facebook post.
The post also includes some new photos of the set:

Pete’s Robot Convention will be held June 9-10 in Cincinnati, Ohio. You can see the details on the Pete’s Robot Convention page.
Are you planning on attending Pete’s Robot Convention? Thoughts and feelings on the Alter Egos collection? Share them in the Alter Egos thread on the Allspark Forums or our Discord server.