Legends LG-58/Titans Return Autobot Clones Comparison Gallery and Review!

Unable to achieve orbit over the weekend but still seeking to show off, the Autobot Clones have crashed at the Allspark Studios!  But which set of clones is the must have pair?  Check out our review and comparison gallery after the break and decide for yourself!

I picked up a set of the Autobot clones on eBay back in the early days of the site.  Part of me wishes I had spent more money buying classic Transformers, but my initial re-acquaintance with G1 this via set and a few other molds during a time when newer Transformers had so much more articulation made me step away from the older toys, and I never completed finding parts for my Clones, nor did I get their Decepticon counterparts.  As the last few lines from Generations have been heavy in nostalgia, I would look at the clones on my small G1 shelf and pine for an update, which fortunately hit in the fashion of 3 box sets that netted me both sets of clones in beautiful G1 toy colors.  I was lucky to have no trouble finding them, but many of my fellow Transformers fans were not as fortunate, which was why the announcement of Takara’s Legends sets made me double happy.  I would get a set of show accurate clones to join my toy colored sets, and other fans would have a chance to set at least one copy of the molds again.  Let’s take a look at the figures and their differences and you can decide if you want to hit eBay for the US sets (available at a reasonable markup in most cases) or if you would just rather pay for the Legends versions.

Fastlane/Fastclash Car Mode
Fastlane’s car mode is loosely based off a drag racer style car.  I say loosely because it appears to be more of a car frame with wheels and a spoiler than an actual car.  Perhaps it’s more of a car drone?  I don’t know for sure, but it is definitely one of the least convincing alternate modes we have ever received in Transformers, even if it is nostalgialicious.  While the car does not have a clearly designed human driver’s seat, it does have a nifty feature that the original did not.  The center piece of what would be the chest in robot mode flips up and forms a sort of seat, with a notch just below it that fits back of the feet of a Titanmaster.  That might not seem like much, but it improves the look of the car mode significantly, in my opinion.

Fastlane/Fastclash Robot Mode
Fastlane’s robot mode is much nicer than his vehicle mode.  Though his limbs are a little stubby (he’s a lot shorter than the G1 figure) he is packed with articulation. And he stands well in a lot of poses.  One slight negative to the figure is that the spoiler from the car mode is permanently attached to the robot head.  It looks silly floating around behind him during action poses.  It would have been nice for it to become some sort of weapon instead, but it’s not the end of the world.
Fastlane/Fastclash Differences: Legends vs. Titans Return
Since these are clearly cartoon versus show colors, you get what you would expect.  The Titans Return version is light tan and dark red, with lots of silver highlights.  It has a silver and red Autobot tampo on the spoiler, and an Autobot symbol on the abdomen.  There is also a nice tampo on the chest that replicates the original figure’s rub symbol, though it is a little dark and the detail gets lost because of the coloring.  The bottom of the legs also have some silver just above the feet.  The eyes are light blue and the face is white.  The Legends version is deco’d light tan, with dark red arms and a pink chest.  The spoiler has no paint, but the pelvis area has some added silver.  The Autobot symbol is a lighter red, and the “rub symbol” tampo is much brighter and easier to distinguish from the black background.  The face is metallic red, and the eyes are a brighter blue.  Once things that both versions have in common is silver paint to mimic rims for the wheels.
Cloudraker Jet Mode
Cloudraker’s jet mode is much more convincing than his brother’s car mode.  He has what looks like an actual cockpit, so that’s a plus.  The wings are a little small for a flying capable ship, and there are no clearly defined engines, but he is a Cybertronian jet, so I am sure there is a way to justify all that.  The new Cloudraker is smaller than the G1 toy, but he fits nicely with the rest of the figures from his line.  A neat added feature of this figure is that you have any poseable figure bases, you can get him to appear airborne.  I use the Bandai Japan Stage 4 bases, and there is a hole at the front of the jet that they peg into perfectly.

Cloudraker Robot Mode
Cloudraker’s robot mode is also smaller than the G1 figure, and again, that is OK.  He has great articulation that is not hampered in any way by his vehicle kibble.  Cloudraker’s fin in jet mode is connected to the back of his head like Fastlane’s spoiler, but it is less silly due to its small size.   All in all, he makes a great update.
Cloudraker Differences: Legends vs. Titans Return
Cloudraker’s Titans Return robot mode is similar the Legends version in all the ways his brothers compared to each other, as far as colors go.  The joints on the Legends version are a little tighter than those on the Titans Return figure, but not enough to make an enormous difference.  One thing that does bother me about the domestic release is that the legs of the robot in jet mode do not connect as strongly to the side of the vehicle as do those on the Legends version.  Other than that, both figures are of the same comparative quality.

Though neither version comes with weapons, you do have some alternatives. Both Nonnef and Toyhax have offerings, both of which are visible in my pictures in this review.  I have a slight preference for the Nonnef set, but I wanted the stickers from Toyhax, so I got the weapons and well and I am glad I did.  A little variety never hurt anyone.  🙂
While the decos on these sets are distinctly different, there is not really a reason to break the bank on them if you don’t have to do so.  The quality on all of them is about the same, so unless you are just dead set on a specific look, get the ones you can get the cheapest.  A cursory check on eBay shows the sets with the domestic releases still semi-available, and there have been a few Facebook posts recently that may indicate a small amount of them still being found in Canada.

I give both the Hasbro and Takara Clones an 8/10 for having nicely unique color layouts and great articulation. The Walgreen’s set would make a great gift to children, but the Chaos on Velocitron set of figures is much too pricey to give away as a gift.  If money is less of an issue and you can grab both sets, don’t wait any longer.  They aren’t getting any cheaper!