New Zoids Wild Franchise Launching – Anime, Manga, Switch Game, and of Course, Models!

Per Japan Times, TakaraTomy is shortly to roll out a new Zoids brand titled Zoids Wild, reviving the brand after more than a decade of absence. They’ve released a promotional clip and displayed a new flagship kit bearing the classic walking mechanics associated with the brand and resembling the starring Ligers of Chaotic Century, New Century, and Fuzors.

The Zoids Wild manga is set to hit in April, with the model kits hitting June and the anime to follow soon after this summer. The Japan Times article doesn’t offer much detail about the premise of the series, but included the following video of the new mechanized model kit for the series’ (as yet unnamed) starring liger and an antagonist, the kits slated for a ¥3,000 (~$30) price tag. A second promotional video has been released with a brief glimpse of content involving the same two characters from the anime.

There’s a lot familiar here to appeal to fans of the franchise up to now, from the apparent construction and price point of the model kit, to the familiar CGI combat of glowing blades, bounding mechanical animals, and featureless badlands scenery, and not a lot of information to glean about what this line might uniquely have to offer – with one exception.
While the mechanized model kit is of a familiar size for past Ligers, the scale for this lineup appears new, eschewing the tiny operators and cockpits that unified the previous two decades of cross-compatible kits. Instead, the new system appears to employ larger pilot figures, visibly riding on the backs of the the mechanical beasts.
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