Brian Goldner Talks Power Rangers with Fortune

Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner talked with Fortune about Star Wars, Super Monsters, and Power Rangers, as well as toy distribution in the current retail and e-retail landscape. The headline here was Power Rangers, welcomed into the fold of Hasbro brands in partnership with Saban Entertainment, to be inaugurated with Power Rangers: Beast Morphers in spring 2019.
In the interview, Goldner sees Power Rangers as a property with a lot of potential both in the youngest demographic that Saban’s series primarily target, as well as within the adult fan base, a property with long-term growth potential beyond what the brand has accomplished so far.

I think it’s really a big game changer for us, because it’s a very young-skewing brand, so that youngest consumer really loves that story, that fun kitsch and the humor that comes along with that action-adventure of Power Rangers, it always has wonderful messages for kids. And then today, there are all these kids that are now adults, who are fans of the brand, and we think there’s a great opportunity in that fan economy to talk to the Power Ranger fan and give them the products they’re looking for.

Fortune confirms that it’s this deal with Hasbro that led to Saban parting ways with Bandai. Hasbro toys based on Saban’s Power Rangers: Beast Morphers are set to debut in 2019, with the series based on Toei’s (previously neglected in the West) Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters. Hasbro’s press release on the Power Rangers acquisition explains that their rights to the property come into effect in April 2019 and don’t apply to the Japanese market.
Super Sentai and Power Rangers are already very distinct properties with a sharp regional division, joined until now by Bandai’s toys and Saban’s adaptation of Toei’s highly toyetic tokusatsu series. It may be interesting to see how this further division between competing toy companies influences Saban’s adaptation choices in the future. The new interview makes no mention of the Japanese market, Toei, or Super Sentai directly, but it seems safe to assume at this stage that Super Sentai will continue as a Bandai license in Japan.
There’s also no mention in the interview of any TakaraTomy partnership input on the brand, so any fans hoping for Transformers-tier collector-oriented figures of past or future Zords are advised to hang onto that hope without any direct confirmation as yet.
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