Combiner Wars Stunticons Packaging Lineart From Ken Christiansen

Via Facebook, veteran Transformers artist Ken Christiansen has shared the lineart for the Combiner Wars Stunticons of 2015: Dragstrip, Breakdown, Offroad, Brake-Neck (aka Wildrider), and Motormaster. Christiansen’s Facebook page also includes images of the final packaging, with colors by Volta, for comparison. Notably, this our first time seeing an unobscured full-body view of Combiner Wars Motormaster’s packaging art.

And via Facebook and Twitter, here is Marcelo Matere’s lineart for Menasor.

For Christiansen and Matere’s Aerialbot lineart, see here, for Protectobot lineart, see here, and for Combaticon lineart, see here.
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