Combiner Wars Aerialbots Package Lineart

Via Facebook, veteran Hasbro packaging artist Ken Christiansen has posted a full set of lineart for the Combiner Wars Aerialbots from 2015. Below, we have a side-by-side look at how they compare to the colored versions by Volta on the final packaging.

We previously reported on some of these Aerialbots last month.
Air Raid:

Alpha Bravo:

Firefly (Fireflight):



And also for comparison, we have included Superion’s Combiner Wars art, which we previously reported nearly three years ago.

Note that the Combiner Wars Aerialbots came with collector cards featuring art from the Transformers Legends mobile game, in contrast to later figures from Combiner Wars, Titans Return, and Power of the Primes, whose collector cards feature the package art.
For Christiansen and Matere’s Protectobot lineart, see here, for Stunticon lineart, see here, and for Combaticon lineart, see here.
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