Power of the Primes Waves 1 to 3 Amazon Listings

Many figures in the new Power of the Primes line are now listed on Amazon. Wave 1 now has stock photography up for view and the entire wave except for the Leader Class is available for purchase. Meanwhile, several figures from Waves 2 and 3 (plus Novastar of Wave 4) have listings up, though they are not available for order yet.
Prime Masters Wave 1:
Liege Maximo / Skullgrin

Micronus / Autobot Cloudburst

Vector Prime / Metalhawk

Prime Masters Wave 2 (stock photos not yet up):
Alchemist Prime / Submarauder
Alpha Trion / Landmine
Prime Masters Wave 3 (stock photos not yet up):
Megatronus / Bomb Burst
Quintus Prime / Decepticon Bludgeon
Solus Prime / Octopunch
Legends Class Wave 1:

Dinobot Slash

Skrapnel (trademark-friendly name for Shrapnel)


Legends Class Wave 2 (stock photos not yet up):
Battleslash (half of Battletrap)
Roadtrap (half of Battletrap)
Legends Class Wave 3 (stock photos not yet up):
Autobot Outback
Deluxe Class Wave 1:
Autobot Jazz

Dinobot Slug

Dinobot Swoop


Deluxe Class Wave 2:
Blackwing (trademark-friendly name for Darkwing)

Dinobot Sludge

Dinobot Snarl


Terrorcon Rippersnapper

Deluxe Class Wave 3 (stock photos not yet up):
Terrorcon Blot
Terrorcon Cutthroat
Terrorcon Sinnertwin
Deluxe Class Wave 4 (stock photos not yet up):
Autobot Novastar (trademark-friendly name for Firestar)
Voyager Class Wave 1:


Voyager Class Wave 2 (stock photos not yet up):
Terrorcon Hun-Gurrr
Voyager Class Wave 3 (stock photos not yet up):
Leader Class Wave 1:
Orion Pax / Evolution Optimus Prime

Hot Rod / Evolution Rodimus Prime

Leader Class Wave 2:
Nemesis Hot Rod / Evolution Rodimus Unicronus (representing Rodimus Prime corrupted by the power of Unicron)

Leader Class Wave 3 (stock photos not yet up):
Evolution Optimus Primal (exact packaging name yet unknown)
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