Power of the Primes Dinobot Slash Gallery and Review!

Tracking us down in the Allspark Studios this week is none other than Dinobot 6th wheel, Slash!  Check out our brief gallery and decide if she makes the team (Cliff’s Notes version: she does!)

As a father of two young girls (now a teen and pre-teen), I have been very happy with the Transformers property over the last few years.  They have always shared in my hobby at some level, and whenever a female Transformer came out, they had to have them, as evidenced by Thunderblast, Botcon Elita-1, and the multiple Arcee and Windblade figures I have bought for them over the years.  They even had to have signed copies of that awesome Sara Pitre-Durocher Combiner Hunter print I found at the last Botcon (I should really ask her for a commission some day).  In short, my girls love Transformers, and they really love female Transformers, and they REALLY love bad ass female Transformers.  They saw Dinobot Slash and they fell in love with her, and that makes me love Dinobot Slash too.

“Slash is an elite tracker who always finds her target”, per her bio.  Being a Cybertronian Velociraptor, I can imagine her being the flip of the typical Dinobot.  She’s small and highly intelligent.  Grimlock better watch out for this girl’s power, or he may be out of a job!
Velociraptor Mode
Slash can do all the best Velociraptor poses.  You got your “crouching Velociraptor about to attack” pose, and your “leaping through the air with dagger claws on hind feet about to slash your jugular” pose, and all the poses in between.  She has her hind legs (robot shoulders) on ball joints with plenty of additional swivels, so great poseability there.  While her head cannot rotate, it can swivel upward, and since it gets you into the previously mentioned crouching pose, I can forgive some limitation.  Her arms are only able to swivel.  While it would have been nice to have them on ball joints (Beast Wars did it), again, I think it is a minor issue, considering what she can do.  Additional bonus points for her fitting in seamlessly in regard to color scheme and overall design.  Her read, black, gray, and “gold inside clear plastic with tech bits” parts truly make her a classic Dinobot.

This is straightforward.  Rotate the tail upward, towards her dino head.  Pull her stomach down, separate the parts, rotate them 180º, then flip the feet out from behind the shins.  Rotate the dino hind feet towards the legs to “hide” them on the robot lower arms.  Lift the panel on her back and rotate the dino head upwards to “hide” it in robot mode, then rotate the tail down above it to “complete the illusion”.  Her dino forearms have no way to be hidden, but hey, neither did a lot of G1 kibble, so I can deal with it.
Robot Mode
Slash also shines in robot mode.  Since she was not shoehorned into combining with the other members of the team, she was not limited in this form in any way.  She has ball joints at the hips and shoulders, swivels at the thighs, biceps, knees, elbows and feet, as well as a swivel head.  Minor completely random points off for the head, which I really wish was a ball joint.  (Do you hear me, Hasbro?  Ball joints for the heads!  ALWAYS!)  Anywho, Slash is nicely poseable, and still really looks like a classic Dinobot.  She has a no nonsense, “who needs to smile” look on her face, and I can also easily see this mold being repainted into something else down the road (Mini-BW Dinobot, anyone?).  Also, while she does not come with a weapon, I had to give her that red Predaking sword that come with one of those movie line Grimlock figures (I think) awhile back.  Slash gotta slash.

Overall Thoughts

  • Do your kids (or you) like dinosaurs?
  • Do your kids (or you) like robots?
  • Do your kids (or you) like badass characters?
  • Do your kids (or you) like awesomeness?

If you answered yes to more than one of these questions, you need to get this figure.  She has good to great poseability, depending on her mode.  She fits in stylistically as a perfect additional the Dinobot team, and she’s clearly the brains of the group.  Add her to your (or your children’s) shelf to keep the other beasties at bay!