Hasbro & TakaraTomy: “Unifying the World Brands” featuring Power of the Primes

Sound the alarms! All is lost! The sky is falling! Now that we have that out of the way via Loopaza Mega Store’s Facebook we have confirmation that TakaraTomy’s Power of the Primes figures will be unchanged and released to the Japanese market. Check out their scans of Figure King #239 after the jump.

Thanks to Allspark connoisseur, and legendary newshound, Powered Convoy who has also tipped us to Snakas‘ brief synopsis of the article:

Several things about common specifications with overseas are mentioned, and in 2018 it is said that it will be “unifying the world brands on an unprecedented scale” . The fact that the difference between overseas development and Japan deployment has shrunk is considered to be a cause.

While “unifying the world brands on an unprecedented scale” may sound great for Hasbro and TakaraTomy, but for a section of the fandom who prefer the TakaraTomy versions, this may sounds like terrible news for the future.
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