Carded Images of Power of the Primes Legends Wave 2 – Roadtrap, Battleslash, Tailgate

The Facebook group “Planet Iacon – Singapore Transformers Fans Unite!!” have captured copies of Power of the Primes Legends Wave 2 Tailgate, Roadtrap, and Battleslash, the latter two better known as the Duocon Battletrap. They’ve also shared carded images and instruction photos for the Duocon’s combination!
We’d had a hint of these three figures’ eminent release when they were revealed and quickly hidden away again at a small fan feedback event by Hasbro Australia. This time, thanks to Planet Iacon’s Facebook page, the rest of us finally get a peek at the upcoming figures.

Tailgate is (naturally) a retool of Power of the Primes Windcharger. Roadtrap and Battleslash are new molds, and the pair’s names were included in early leaks for Power of the Primes, leading to speculation of a miniature combiner. Now with the figures in hand, Planet Iacon has included photos of Battleslash’s instructions to confirm that the pair do indeed combine into the Duocon Battletrap.

Who’s in for a tiny combiner? See the original Facebook post, or share your thoughts in our Power of the Primes discussion thread!
Update: Some additional in-hand images have been shared in a follow-up post: