Official Street Fighter Transformers Are A Real Thing That’s Happening

In May 2018, you will be able to buy officially licensed Ken, Ryu, Vega (the Japanese name of M. Bison), and Chun-Li figures that are redecos of recent figures from the Thrilling 30 and Titans Return sublines of Generations. Yes, this is real, and we did not make up a single word. Click through for proof.

First off is Chun-Li from Thrilling 30 Arcee vs. Ken from Titans Return Hot Rod. This two-pack is priced at 8640 yen (approximately 77 USD):

Then Ryu from Titans Return Optimus Prime vs. Vega from Titans Return Megatron. This two-pack is priced at 12960 yen (approximately 115 USD):

Thanks to Allspark users Walky and Powered Convoy for tipping us off to the news and providing pics!
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