MP-41 Masterpiece Dinobot Full Reveal via Taghobby

In the second Masterpiece reveal this weekend, Taghobby has released images of Masterpiece Dinobot revealing everything but the rigid grill structure. The photos showcase a stunningly complete transformation, all the expected accessories including the Golden Disc, and Dinobot’s accurately towering stature in contrast to existing BW MPs Primal and Cheetor.
Dinobot manages a nearly flawless robot form and a seemingly impossibly skin-clad velociraptor form with few compromises and a high degree of articulation in both forms.

Accessories include alternate robot faces, rotate-blade and sword weapons, a Golden Disc with a clip for placing it in Dinobot’s raptor-mode hand, light-piped eye laser effects for Dinobot’s LED optics, and a fairly luxurious-looking display stand. It’s not clear from the images whether the dinosaur mode eyes swivel, but the jaw and tongue seem plenty expressive. The initial sticker shock of the preorder price begins to make sense.
Thanks to David Willis and Allspark user 2017 for calling this reveal to our attention. You can join our collective salivation in the Masterpiece Dinobot thread on the Allspark forums or see the original Taghobby article.