Hero-X Generations 2018 Scans for Masterpiece Dinobot and Sunstreaker

Weibo user 北马伊斯力 has shared scans from the freshly released Generations 2018 volume from Hero-X. Like past Generations volumes, the 2018 edition offers detailed photo showcases of upcoming TakaraTomy Masterpiece figures, this time of MP-39 Sunstreaker and MP-41 Dinobot, detailing the transformations and features.
Sunstreaker includes a detailed transformation breakdown, as well as a design page discussing accessories and articulation considerations we’re looking forward to seeing translations of.

Dinobot’s gray test shot gallery, meanwhile, shows off his transformation, the rotating eye section for his two raptor mode expressions, and his articulated robot jaw in combination with his expressive alternate face places. He also includes a design page. We feel for poor little Rhinox, though.

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