Even More Masterpiece Dinobot Features and Images, with Sizzle Reel!

TakaraTomy have released a gallery, designer interview, and sizzle reel for MP-41 Dinobot since the first complete reveal yesterday, showing every nook and cranny of Chopperface’s anatomy and showcasing his electronics, facial expressions in both modes, and other features in detail.

The new gallery includes turnarounds, finally revealing the figure’s backside in both modes, and shows off the green LED eye-blast feature. (It’s been confirmed elsewhere that the eyes glow red for ordinary use as well, if you were worried.) See the end of this article for the new images and visit the original page to see the interactive turnarounds and some previously-seen photos from the announcement.
The designer interview is in Japanese, but even in machine translation form, it communicates the designer’s experience of the challenges pulling off Dinobot’s unlikely transformation magic, respect for the source material, and pride in the result, as well as thoughts on specific features and why they were included. Some illustrative images are included in the article that don’t show up on the figure’s gallery page as well.
Finally, the sizzle reel shows off the highlights set to some on-topic metal music and provides some comparison shots with animation stills:

Thanks to Allspark masterpiece Powered Convoy for this story and for the image captures from the video we’ve included in the gallery below, as well as member Xero Prime for tipping us off to the sizzle reel. You can join the discussion in the Masterpiece Dinobot thread in the Allspark Forums.
All images below via TakaraTomy from the various source links above.